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Overview Feature writer, past member of Washington DC's Independent Writers Association & career columnist. An educational pioneer responsible for visionary vocational training concepts in health-care and in the beauty field intended to prepare licensed medical professionals and clinically-certified appearance specialists (ie; estheticians & cosmetologists) to work side-by-side providing patients with disfigurements and chronic skin conditions cross-caregiving services to assist them with options to normalize their appearance. Author of "Clinical Cosmetology" A Medical Approach to Esthetic Procedures, the "Survival Guide for Today's Career Women", Contributing author of medical textbook chapters and numerous articles on related topics in medical and skin care trade, nursing and physician journals as well as woman's magazines. Professional Speaker, Lifestyle Expert and women's advocate - author of The Career Woman's Survival Guide. Specializing on topics pertaining to empowerment of women, improved relationships, business and career strategies and development. Entrepreneur / Adult post-secondary educator / Coursework author for three decades & subject of biography "Rising To The Top" with real-life accounts of the successful careers of professionals who realized their dreams by creating opportunities for success for others and facilitator of discussion groups for woman's issues

ADAGES OF INSPIRATION – how to put them to work

The inspiration for this blog came from a random find of a little pamphlet I have had for years by one of my favorite national speakers, Zig Ziglar’s Little Book of Quotes. It always amazes me whenever I give it a read, that a mere 27 pages can contain so much significance, his notions of life are priceless because they offer us a chance to take greater charge of our lives. Continue reading

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Surviving Pain

We have all been there, some of us have suffered and have been allowed to move through it, and some of us have been forced to remain in its enclosed corridors, but one thing is certain, none of us have the ability … Continue reading

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Out of the Box Thinking  There are many things of this world that can be appreciated and even revered when examined from a closer perspective. Even under the most challenging of circumstances we can interpret the remarkable  just as long as we view … Continue reading

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Internal Forces

Rebalancing our Energy  Inside every one of us, there is an internal force, so centered, so strong, so resilient, an inner core to our being that sustains us when times are extremely difficult. It is this internal force that takes … Continue reading

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Visions of Victory

  Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.   George S. Patton   I never expect to lose. Even when I’m the underdog, I still prepare a victory speech.  H. Jackson Brown     If … Continue reading

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Alone on Birthday & Financially Strapped? – No Problem!

Birthdays are unique, because they are so personal, unlike New’s Years, when we are all making amens for what we did and did not do over the previous 365 days and stating our resolutions, instead, we tend to look both back and forward but we are more sensive to our individual evolution Continue reading

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Ballads with Lyrics about Bigotry & Impartiality

Words like prejudice, racism, intolerance and bias all come to mind when we hear a musical tune with lyrics that emphasizes bigotry. Differences of any sort always invite an opportunity for intolerance and inequality among people but they also help to enlighten us and make us more culturally compassionate. Continue reading

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