Surviving Pain

We have all been there, some of us have suffered and have been allowed to move through it, and some of us have been forced to remain in its enclosed corridors, but one thing is certain, none of us have the ability to escape pain, its impossible to go through life without a good measure of it tagging along.

It is a constant companion even when it comes and goes, it demands that we anxiously wait for its return. Pain is persistent, it wants us to know it’s there, it wants to be near us at all times either mentally or physically and it refuses to be ignored.

It can drive us to desperation if we let it get under our skin, its wretchedness over time makes us wither if we let it win.

It takes us on a ride, only it’s not flat and smooth nor, is it pleasurable, the road is bumpy and all uphill, once we are on pain’s path we must travel against the wind.

Pain institutes a contest of wills and registers us in it, forcing us to play  by its rules, whether or not we choose to be included in the game.

Pain is a stark reminder of our vulnerability. It overtakes us at times and insists that it be in charge, making us feel helpless and out of control.

Like everything we are exposed to in our experience of living, pain has a shadow the is not as black or as bleak as it seems. Pain is a messenger that alerts our brain that something has gone awry with our body or our mind.

No one who has every struggled to escape pain has succeeded completely, for those of us who are intimate with it know it will return as it once came, an unwelcome visitor and not a guest at our invitation.

Pain ensures that we never dismiss feelings of comfort as common again. We must all take our fair share of it, and some of us must bear more of its burden.If our pain is severe enough, it will bring us to our knees, make us humble and more compassionate and caring.

But, after a while pain is not all-powerful and potent, we too have our say in how much we allow it to invade our lives.

We begin to question what it is teaching us and recognize that it is testing our limits.  We experience its profound effect on our senses.  We start to grow stronger in our forbearance, we come to a place we call bearable.

We disregard the detachment of others who become fearful of themselves watching  our agony and discover the steadfast reassurance that only comes from one’s self-supportive  strategies for suffering.

We acknowledge the insights pain brings to us and learn to redirect our thinking to interpret aspects of it as stimulating, using it as a tool that helps us to be more energized.

We find that pain offers us a new kind of psychological freedom, as we venture through it we feel the joy of temporary relief even if its only momentarily, our gratitude is great.

Pain makes us all time conscious and better planners as we figure out  ways to maximize periods of relief so we can get through it, first by seconds, then by minutes, and if we lucky, we can creatively conspire against it’s affects by hours and even days.

Eventually, we come to the realization that pain is all about knowing that with each jab or stab, we can still go on.

Pain does not win, our endurance is our triumph, the victories we have, our our’s alone.

In the end, if we decide it, pain becomes our servant because it presence gives testimony to the fact that we are fully present in the moment and totally alive!


About Victoria Rayner

Overview Feature writer, past member of Washington DC's Independent Writers Association & career columnist. An educational pioneer responsible for visionary vocational training concepts in health-care and in the beauty field intended to prepare licensed medical professionals and clinically-certified appearance specialists (ie; estheticians & cosmetologists) to work side-by-side providing patients with disfigurements and chronic skin conditions cross-caregiving services to assist them with options to normalize their appearance. Author of "Clinical Cosmetology" A Medical Approach to Esthetic Procedures, the "Survival Guide for Today's Career Women", Contributing author of medical textbook chapters and numerous articles on related topics in medical and skin care trade, nursing and physician journals as well as woman's magazines. Professional Speaker, Lifestyle Expert and women's advocate - author of The Career Woman's Survival Guide. Specializing on topics pertaining to empowerment of women, improved relationships, business and career strategies and development. Entrepreneur / Adult post-secondary educator / Coursework author for three decades & subject of biography "Rising To The Top" with real-life accounts of the successful careers of professionals who realized their dreams by creating opportunities for success for others and facilitator of discussion groups for woman's issues
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