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How One Man Proved Your Mind Can Cure Your Body…

This is one of my favorite books; it is about the reflections of healing and regeneration as perceived by a patient. The brilliance of the author of this publication is that he had the insight to pick a doctor who would support him in using his own powers to stimulate his body’s natural healing capacity. After getting a terminal diagnosis he went to war with his disease and he used laughter, courage and tenacity as weapons to fight the greatest threat of his life. He also had the foresight to partner with his physician and together with their determination and positive natures they united Cousin’s body and mind. It was a strategy that was so successful it saved his life and has been shared with medical and lay journals all over the world. Read this book to learn more about health and healing – ISBN 0-553-34365-3


Whenever I question if there is a God I just watch this video and hands down, in my mind – there is no doubt about it!!!

BEING RESILIENT – Betty Hardwick Center
Change and resilience go hand-in-hand. There is no doubt that we can overcome anything if we have the right coping mechanisms in place. When I feel a need to fortify myself, I turn to this website to refortify myself.


Grief theory and CREATIVE interventions by someone who has seen her share of personal tragedies. Whether I am trying to reconcile a minor or a major loss, this is the place I go to in order to put my sorrow in perspective. It provides me with immediate relief, helps me to endure my pain, understand the stages of my grief and cope with the stress that accompanies loss, but most importantly, it remind me that no matter what, my situation does not have to isolate me – I am not alone.


Nothing is better for dealing with stress than having one’s coping mechanisms in place ahead of time. I have my own ways of counteracting stress. I like to turn to informational outlets for the knowledge I am lacking to learn what I need to know to confront my circumstances right away to pressures in the bud before they get the best of me.

DEALING WITH CANCER – and other problematic physical conditions from a teens perspective. Recently, I learned that a very special friend had been diagnosed with cancer. Years ago I had a bout of it myself. It was frightening. I found this site for teens that made revisiting the issue more tolerable the second time around especially since it involved a person in my life that I was so fond of. I enjoy looking at health issues and other serious problems related to physical conditions from the perspective of a younger person. The information is always simplified and streamlined.


Difficult circumstances cause us to feel afraid. Living in fear can breakdown our mental well-being and compromise our body’s physical resistance and leave us vulnerable to depression, disease of both of these maladies. This article written by Susan Piver for Beliefnet really resonated with me.


I have always speculated why we are always afraid to do the work that we are put on this earth to do, apparently, I am not alone in my curiosity. People seem to associate their genius with anguish. It is a ridiculous notion. Elizabeth Gilbert author of “Eat, Pray and Love” offers a 18 minute on “Ted Talk” humorous and moving commentary on this particular point of view and on the creative, irrational process of bringing one’s most incredible aspects of their being into the physical world. A “Do Your Dance” viewpoint that encumbers the promise of our potentiality and also gives us a good excuse for not showing up and being all we are capable of being. She nails it! Check it out for yourself.


When I feel a need to stretch – I take a deep breath and… I tune into – YOGA CLASS LIVE > and take a cue from a cat – I read: “Five Things My Cat Taught Me About Yoga” by Erica Rodefer is a writer and yoga practitioner in Charleston, SC. Visit her blog,, follow her on Twitter, or like her on Facebook.

TRAUMATIC STRESS – A place to share so we can bear crisis situations that befall us. The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress is my favorite resource for crisis response and acute traumatic stress management. CrisisTalk gives me the opportunity to share my experience about a particularly challenging life experience… that culminated in a crisis. The great thing is I do not have to register or give any personal information to to read the postings of others or, to start a new topic or reply to others. is offered as a public service by the National Center for Crisis Management (


Where there are answers there is hope there is many possibilities
Linda Bryant Smith writes about life as a senior citizen and the issues that concern, annoy and often irritate the heck out of her now that she lives in a world where nothing is ever truly fixed but her income. For some of us who can relate we can e-mail her at


There is nothing more agonizing than feeling abandoned and alone especially in times of tragedy. There are times when, for whatever the reason, we disconnect from people and it is at these times when we need more than ever to have those human bonds in place. Friendships can come and go, and it is important to find people we can relate to as we go through the various stages of our life. People are usually lonely for a reason.


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