Introduction – to Triumph Over Tragedy

When we think of experiencing tragedy and the drastic changes these challenges cause, we rarely consider the lives of all those who are close to us and how they are affected as well. Sometimes the fate that is dealt us is so overwhelming that we contemplate surrender. When we are in the midst of what seems insurmountable circumstances we feel as if no matter what we do there are going to be unfavorable implications.

This blog offers a first hand look at how certain people have had the worst situations thrown at them and how they turned their personal traumas into triumphs. It is intended to offer hope to those who are struggling with the horrors of their own tragedies and trying all the while to retain their sanity and to gain some insight into their situations. There is much to learn from the depths of their troubles and their reasoning about how they moved past their problems. .

The stories you will read here are painfully real and the details shared have not been exaggerated. The people I have interviewed have given me vivid descriptions of how they have suffered. But all have exhibited character and courage by fighting to overcome the dire conditions they were faced with and that wrecked havoc over their lives. Their ability to dream of getting free and surviving their crisis and in many cases trying to be service to others is what signifies their victory over their tragedies and what I think has led them to triumph.

In addition, this blog includes poems and excerpts from other publications as well as helpful resources. It is intended to inspire independence and a sense of hope. It is for the individual and is meant to be personal and uplifting!


About Victoria Rayner

Overview Feature writer, past member of Washington DC's Independent Writers Association & career columnist. An educational pioneer responsible for visionary vocational training concepts in health-care and in the beauty field intended to prepare licensed medical professionals and clinically-certified appearance specialists (ie; estheticians & cosmetologists) to work side-by-side providing patients with disfigurements and chronic skin conditions cross-caregiving services to assist them with options to normalize their appearance. Author of "Clinical Cosmetology" A Medical Approach to Esthetic Procedures, the "Survival Guide for Today's Career Women", Contributing author of medical textbook chapters and numerous articles on related topics in medical and skin care trade, nursing and physician journals as well as woman's magazines. Professional Speaker, Lifestyle Expert and women's advocate - author of The Career Woman's Survival Guide. Specializing on topics pertaining to empowerment of women, improved relationships, business and career strategies and development. Entrepreneur / Adult post-secondary educator / Coursework author for three decades & subject of biography "Rising To The Top" with real-life accounts of the successful careers of professionals who realized their dreams by creating opportunities for success for others and facilitator of discussion groups for woman's issues
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