ADAGES OF INSPIRATION – how to put them to work

Adages are sayings and proverbs that can act as our private muses in our lives, meaning that these words of inspiration permit us to be absorbed in temporary thought s in a questioning or affirming way. Adages bring about our hopes and remind us of our faith because they reinforce our most positive character beliefs.  When we come across a saying that speaks to us, it is because it reflects ideas that are already a part of our own philosophy to begin with.  We know this, because, when we read an adage that appeals to us, we are instantly touched by the words, they carry with them a familiar quality, one that rings true for us in a dreamy, abstract or concrete way.

Adages are not sole perspectives of one individual, they are a string of cohesive thoughts of many others that have been shared, refined and resubmitted for our contemplation, time and time again.  Like a muse, they arrive at our doorstep, delivered to us when we are the most open to receiving the profound messages they contain, and even though, they are not announced by us, they serve as a channel of unified communication, composed of elements that form a common consensus that we quickly embrace and recognize as our own, providing support when we need it the most. In a sense, we could say that, adages are an amalgamation of all of our spirits and what is most holy in us, collectively. These are thoughts that tenderly resonate with us, like gentle sound waves that flow into our inner consciousness and tap into the intellect of our deepest emotions.

They have the power to reach us despite all the protective barriers that we construct when we have to handle the hardships in our lives.

These tailored sayings contain more than meets the eye, they may appear at first as just random quotes, but for those of us who know how to work them for maximum usage, they have the potential to provide us with an entire treasure chest of golden rules.  Adages are keys capable of unlocking doors that will unleash our inner wisdom; they are intended to reinforce our most sensible perspectives.  The very act of pondering an adage invites us to enter into a mental vortex that many profound thinkers have also been caught up in while assessing many of the same ideas for themselves.  Not all adages are equal; some are more valuable to us personally, than others, but none are worthless, because each wise saying contains a certain element of greater insight that is right around the corner as all of our thoughts are parts of a more universal conversation.

As we are all works in progress, our conjectural summations of adages vary after debating what is of ultimate relevance to us at any one given time.  Adages are the greatest of all of our natural resources, if only because, they become more valuable as we use them. They serve as building blocks to reinforce our resilience in troubled situations and the need for these inspiring materials becomes more urgent.

The inspiration for this blog came from a random find of a little pamphlet I have had for years by one of my favorite national speakers, Zig Ziglar’s Little Book of Quotes.  It always amazes me whenever I give it a read, that a mere 27 pages can contain so much significance, his notions of life are priceless because they offer us a chance to take greater charge of our lives.  Mr. Ziglar became world-renowned as his client list developed from some of the most notable figures of American and global entities.  He worked with Generals like Colin Powell, Norman Schwarzkopf, presidents Reagan and Bush and religious leaders like Dr. Robert Schuller.

Here are just a few of my very favorites from Zig  

“Obstacles are the things we see when we take our eyes off our goals.”

“When someone we love is having difficulty and is giving us a hard time, it’s better to explore the cause than to criticize the action.” “Money will buy you a bed, but not a good night’s sleep a house but not a home, a companion but not a friend.” “You will make a lousy anybody else, but you will be the best you in existence.” “Everyone says that they want to be free. Take the train off the tracks and it’s free-but it can’t go anywhere.” “Kids go where there is excitement. They stay where there is love.” “Some people find fault like there is a reward for it.” “Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember – the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you.” “Success is one thing you can’t pay for. You buy it on the installment plan and make payments every day. “ “Remember there is plenty of room at the top but not enough – to sit down.” Like many others who have experienced many different facets of life, some positive and some negative, I grew up Ziglar, and in so doing; I have a good understanding of the possibility of things desired and the inclination to move toward what my heart yearns to see happen the most.

One thing I learned from my exposure to Zig’s wisdom is that buying a ticket to ride on life’s train is no guarantee that one will ever depart the station.  One must get on board, knowing that regardless of the journey, or the unexpected change in destination, remaining steadfast in one’s seat is the only way one can truly experience the ride of one’s life. References Ziglar, Z., Little Book of Big Quotes.


Ziglar, Z., Little Book of Big Quotes

Zig Ziglar’s Biography

YouTube Video – Template / Ted/Talks/Zig Ziglar/Videos/Sayings/ Inspirational Speech/Definition/ Fitness Motivation

Zig Ziglar – I really hate my job 9great motivational speech

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Surviving Pain

We have all been there, some of us have suffered and have been allowed to move through it, and some of us have been forced to remain in its enclosed corridors, but one thing is certain, none of us have the ability to escape pain, its impossible to go through life without a good measure of it tagging along.

It is a constant companion even when it comes and goes, it demands that we anxiously wait for its return. Pain is persistent, it wants us to know it’s there, it wants to be near us at all times either mentally or physically and it refuses to be ignored.

It can drive us to desperation if we let it get under our skin, its wretchedness over time makes us wither if we let it win.

It takes us on a ride, only it’s not flat and smooth nor, is it pleasurable, the road is bumpy and all uphill, once we are on pain’s path we must travel against the wind.

Pain institutes a contest of wills and registers us in it, forcing us to play  by its rules, whether or not we choose to be included in the game.

Pain is a stark reminder of our vulnerability. It overtakes us at times and insists that it be in charge, making us feel helpless and out of control.

Like everything we are exposed to in our experience of living, pain has a shadow the is not as black or as bleak as it seems. Pain is a messenger that alerts our brain that something has gone awry with our body or our mind.

No one who has every struggled to escape pain has succeeded completely, for those of us who are intimate with it know it will return as it once came, an unwelcome visitor and not a guest at our invitation.

Pain ensures that we never dismiss feelings of comfort as common again. We must all take our fair share of it, and some of us must bear more of its burden.If our pain is severe enough, it will bring us to our knees, make us humble and more compassionate and caring.

But, after a while pain is not all-powerful and potent, we too have our say in how much we allow it to invade our lives.

We begin to question what it is teaching us and recognize that it is testing our limits.  We experience its profound effect on our senses.  We start to grow stronger in our forbearance, we come to a place we call bearable.

We disregard the detachment of others who become fearful of themselves watching  our agony and discover the steadfast reassurance that only comes from one’s self-supportive  strategies for suffering.

We acknowledge the insights pain brings to us and learn to redirect our thinking to interpret aspects of it as stimulating, using it as a tool that helps us to be more energized.

We find that pain offers us a new kind of psychological freedom, as we venture through it we feel the joy of temporary relief even if its only momentarily, our gratitude is great.

Pain makes us all time conscious and better planners as we figure out  ways to maximize periods of relief so we can get through it, first by seconds, then by minutes, and if we lucky, we can creatively conspire against it’s affects by hours and even days.

Eventually, we come to the realization that pain is all about knowing that with each jab or stab, we can still go on.

Pain does not win, our endurance is our triumph, the victories we have, our our’s alone.

In the end, if we decide it, pain becomes our servant because it presence gives testimony to the fact that we are fully present in the moment and totally alive!

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Out of the Box Thinking 


There are many things of this world that can be appreciated and even revered when examined from a closer perspective. Even under the most challenging of circumstances we can interpret the remarkable  just as long as we view what we see mentally through the most optimistically-centered lenses.

Out of the box thinking is one tool that we can conjure up that can enable us to view life’s remarkable moments regardless of the intensity without labeling these incidents neither good nor bad, pleasurable or painful.

Life presents us with a kaleidoscopic of  images, all different shapes and colors, a blend of unique textures and motifs, each one worthy of an unfiltered viewing on our part. 


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Internal Forces

Rebalancing our Energy

 Inside every one of us, there is an internal force, so centered, so strong, so resilient, an inner core to our being that sustains us when times are extremely difficult.

It is this internal force that takes over when there are troubles and we feel challenged and vulnerable

If we abound in our inner steadfastness, we can be tough, even when our hearts feel tender

If we allow ourselves to go within and withdraw deep into ourselves

We emerge rested, coming back refreshed after replacing our weariness with our

Tenacity of spirit fueled by our own internal forces

When we open up, trust ourselves, and rely on our inner strength

Anything is possible!

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Visions of Victory


Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.
George S. Patton


I never expect to lose. Even when I’m the underdog, I still prepare a victory speech. 

H. Jackson Brown

If there exists no possibility of failure, then victory is meaningless.
Robert Shuller 

The smile of God is victory.
John Greenleaf Whittier

The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious. 
Marcus Aurelius

Victory is so much sweeter when you have known defeat

Malcolm Forbes

The rewards for those who persevere far exceed the pain that must precede the victory. 
Ted W. Engstrom

Read More:



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Alone on Birthday & Financially Strapped? – No Problem!

 Thinking About Having A Party for One?



 Time is Quickly Passing


 Every year I find myself more excited about being another year older and wiser. As I have aged, I have learned to delight in the passing phases of my existence and the merit of taking the time to celebrate the time I have spent so far here on this earth.  Birthdays are unique, because they are so personal, unlike New’s Years when we are all making amends for what we did and did not do over the previous 365 days and stating our resolutions, instead, we tend to look both back and forward but we are more sensitive to our individual evolution. This new perception has affected my birthdays, making this one special day, I allow just for me, to become something worthy of planning. If I find that I am going to be alone, or if my budget  for entertaining is minimal to non-existent, I just put on my thinking cap, and let my imagination do all the work.


Contemplating the Details of the Big B-Day Event 

Stimulating Ideas and Bringing Forth Fantasies

Narrowing the Focus

Day Dreaming  About the Dynamics


Managing the Melancholy by Feeling Ageless & Feeling Positive

Allowing the Imagination to Run Free

Dancing About Creatively

Thinking it Through 

Making B-Day Magic


 And… Singing  Our Own Birthday Song

Even if …No One Else Elects to Sing Along

 We Can Still Be Thrilled About Our Big Day!

Another Birthday Another  Fresh New Age to Be

Birthday Cake Anyone? 

And, now, for that All Important Decision, the Selection of the “Birthday Dress”

What to Wear, – maybe something, down to earth

Feeling Absolutely Gorgeous and Giddy

Perhaps…a little too much of the bubbly

Ops, Time to Open Gifts

My favorite Present

 Some Rather Unusual Party Fun

Saying Thank You and Goodbye to All the Well Wishers

At Least Until Next Year

 Better start planning next years B-bash because the years are just flying by…

Additional Thoughts on Life’s Gains & Losses

 Happy Birthday – Corrine May

“Wish You Were Here” Pink Floyd (two versions)

Video on You Tube “Seasons in the Sun” Terry Jacks

You Tube Video Cat Stevens – “It’s A Wild World”

It’s my Party

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Ballads with Lyrics about Bigotry & Impartiality

Lena Horne

Words like prejudice, racism, intolerance and bias all come to mind when we hear a musical tune with lyrics that emphasizes bigotry, differences of any sort always invite an opportunity for intolerance and inequality among people,  but they also help to enlighten us and make us more culturally aware and compassionate.   I recently came across a video on You Tube from one of my very favorite singers, the ultra-passionate; Eartha Kitt entitled “Angelitos Negros” in which she sings about the travesty of seeing only white faces of angels as she enters a church. For those of us who are not of color, or, who do not exhibit any outward indications that we belong to a particular ethnic affiliation or race, it is probably hard to imagine what it would be like to experience this type of oversight in our very own spiritual sanctuary. 

What I found extremely poignant about the song she was singing was the way the composer questioned the artists who contributed to this form of obvious narrow-mindedness. Kitt wanted to take a stand and so she recorded the song to draw attention to the inappropriate portrayal of these “Godly” messengers, however, the triumph over this tragedy remains in the lines of this song, Kitt sang, we can begin to empathize with those who identify with such incidences and who are constantly singled out and unfairly treated in society just because of the color of their skin, their unconventional demeanor, their appearance, a disability that they struggle with or because of their strong allegiance to their religious beliefs.  

Throughout history there have been (and still are) many composers, singers and actors who have, during the course of their careers, dedicated themselves to the civil rights movement, musical artists like Lena Horne (a prominent member of the NAACP) who flat out refused to sing for racially segregated groups of soldiers in World War II in order to use her celebrity status to draw attention to the social injustices members of the armed forces suffered.  Horne later worked with Eleanor Roosevelt to repeal laws that persecuted persons of color.

 Lena Horne on one of her Visits to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt

Composers who Advocate Cultural Compassion & Better Race Relations

Scene from  Guess Who is Coming to Dinner (1967)

Take a listen to the songs or set aside a special hour or two to watch one or several of the films listed below and please give some significant thought to these very hopeful and yet, sadly, recurring themes.

Eartha, Kitt.  Angelitos, Negros, YouTube video. Retrieved from

Charlie and the Bhoys CD, Let the People Sing the Music of their Native Land. You Tube video. Retrieved from

Ray Johnson, Your favorite Martian Music Video– The Stereotype Song. You Tube video.

Jim Car, Dancing and singing as Cuban Pete, The Mask Theme Son. You Tube video.

Top Ten Films about Race and Prejudice

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